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Our Thursday Menu, available 12-9 PM, merges the spirit of the open road with bold BBQ flavors, featuring exclusive dishes and drinks tailored for a great time.


Burnt End Sando

Indulge in our decadent Burnt End Sando, a $15 creation featuring caramelized brisket ends nestled within a soft Roma bun, accompanied by one regular side of your choice.


The Hogfather

A tribute to pork lovers, offering pulled pork lavishly topped with house Super Slaw and balsamic glaze, all on a Roma bun with a regular side included.


Brisket Sando

Choose your texture, available in either chopped or sliced brisket, tastefully arranged on a Roma bun, served with one regular side.


Smoked Chicken Sando

Discover the smoky essence of our Smoked Chicken Sando, featuring a smoked chicken breast drenched in BBQ sauce on a Roma bun, plus a regular side.


Sausage on a Bun

Simple yet satisfying, our Sausage on a Bun brings a smoky sausage perfectly placed on a Roma bun, an uncomplicated pleasure with a side included.



Feast on our Ribs, 4 for $13, or select the quantity à la carte - tender, smoky, and ready to be devoured with a side of your choice.



Our Sides to Savor range from creamy Mac, hearty Farmhouse Beans, crisp Super Slaw, traditional Potato Salad, classic French Fries, indulgent Cheese Curds, to a rotating variety of Chips, with sizes and prices to match every appetite.

Sharing is Caring

Onion Tanglers

Share the joy with our Onion Tanglers, golden-fried to perfection and served with a zesty chipotle dipping sauce, perfect for the table.


Pulled Pork Nachos

Gather around for our Pulled Pork Nachos, loaded with toppings and an option to substitute brisket for an extra $2, ideal for communal enjoyment.


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